Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so excited about the weekend!!

Yes, I know it's only Thursday.. but Friday's fly by so quickly. Plus I love Friday's at work - it's so relaxed, it doesn't feel like a normal work day.

Anyway, I'm so excited about the weekend, because my Mum is coming over to help me finish the curtains I'm making for my bedroom - but also, she's bringing with her some goodies she picked up at my Aunt's house a couple of weeks ago.
You see, my grandmother died when my Mum was only 15 and Mum's oldest sister inherited all of her lovely plateware, linens etc. As you would all know - I love love love old old things. Maybe part of the reason is I think it brings me closer to people like my grandmother who I never met. So I'm so so super excited to see what treasures my mummy is bringing me.

And the other reason I'm super excited is I ran into my favourite vintage store owner at woolies last night and she said she's sourced a fabulous cream and black vintage floor lamp for me!! I can't wait to go check it out on Saturday.

I'll take lots of pictures!
PS. Isn't that pink stool  so gorgeous. I had to share it. Via Ruby Press

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