Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confused (but still feeling the love)

I'm so glad I found these photos. I really needed to feel the love (although, I have to say, my husband is being so fabulous - making me breakfast without me requesting, picking me up from work - I love you baby!!)

Anyway, I digress, you see, I'm in a bit of bind. I've been offered an opportunity at work to progress to management level, but I'm just so not sure whether it's what I want and whether I can deal effectively with all that extra stress and responsibility. arghhh.... I'd so rather be at home all day doing crafts and making cupcakes and trying to get pregnant. But in the absence of being able to do that, is that enough of a reason to put the brakes on my so-called (and partially unwanted) professional career?? I guess I'm worried that it will take up too much of my spare time, the time that I want to spend with my husband, my puppies, doing yoga, cooking, writing and crafting. Help!

Photo's via the very fabulous milk blog

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