Monday, November 16, 2009

A few snaps of the Pretty Trip Nest

Hi Lovely Friends,

I may be having a career crisis, but that doesn't mean I can't have loads of fun when I'm not at work! So here's a couple of things I got up to after work today:

1. Went out for Mexican on with 2 fabulous girl friends and randomly saw Ray Martin (famous Australian TV journo) at the book store (yes, that's what happened tonight)

2. Picked some fabulous flowers from the garden (see pic 1)

3. Kept working on embroidery and made a plan to make more pin cushions (voila pic 2)

4. Thought of what colour that fabulous vintage frame should be painted that I picked up for only $12 (pic 3) - I think something really bright!

5. Take funny pictures of Buster behind said frame (pic 4)

I'll find my way... that's why my blog is a called 'a pretty trip' - I'm on my journey, I just don't know where I'm going yet!



  1. Oh Candace...
    That is the good part of life sweetie...not knowing wher our lives will take us next. All the twists and turns, even u-turns we are meant to take on this wonderful journey that we each have to take.

    I love the flowers they are just beautiful. A true sign of our Lord above. Only he can make something so exquisite.

    The pin cushions I love. I so wish I could make them. I see them around and they are so beautiful. I love them, and yours is just precious.

    Buster is a peach. He looks so precious caught in the eye of that frame. I have a Bruiser boy and they sure do bring us joy don't they. Where would we be without them.

    Have a beautiful Monday sweetie, on your journey of life. Stop by and say hi. I love to have company visit. Country hugs..Sherry

  2. Wow, love the pretty trip nest!Glad to hear you a a clog stomper yay!Thanks for updating the link.Sharon xxoo

  3. OH BUSTER IS SOOOO CUTE!! Please hug him for me!



  4. I love that frame...I can see it it a hot pink or nice shade of blue! Have fun.

  5. Love that frame! What a bargain! Your embroidery looks lovely too. I really like the print on the wall behind your pretty roses. Is it of the Moulin Rouge?

  6. Hi Amanda,

    Yep, it's the Moulin Rouge. I got it in Paris for about 2 euro's. I love how cheap prints are over there.