Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you match your house?

Do you come home each day perfectly in sync with your nest? Do you sit down on your lounge and just look like you belong? And what came first, your sense of personal style or your interiors style? Or, are both equally stylish, but very different?

My personal style is more like this -

ralph lauren via stella and pearl

Yes, that's right. I swear I spent my previous life on the french riviera (I wish). On the weekend, I'm all about navy and white, with a splash of red. Or lots of red with a splash of navy. And I love stripes. And white cuffed shorts. And a beautiful slim tan belt.

But my house, well, it's still in development, but I'm pretty sure it's going to look a little something like this -


A bit of a contradiction.

How about you? Personal style versus your nesting style - same, similar or completely different??


  1. Oh my goodness - I am the other way around! I dress more shabby chic (can that be used as a fashion term?) but I don't want my house to be that feminine so it's more Cape Cod. Interesting topic though...

  2. Oh this is interesting to think about! Basically I can divide my washing into three loads, white, black and blue/black and white stripes, with a multitude of grey cardies! I think I must let my flat wear my colours for me

  3. Oh most certainly in sync, the stripes, the navy, the red, the beige......I just blend into the decor when I sit down!!!!!

  4. I am still trying to find my aesthetic as I love so many styles. I love the New England style in homes but my fashion style leaves a lot to be desired. Black, black and more black, maybe because I used to be a Dietetian 10 kgs ago and I'm trying to hide something! Enough with the wine and cheese! A-M xx

  5. Hi sweetie, interesting fun post sooo great to get a glimpse into your outer inner Style!! Sharon xxoo

  6. I think my apartment is starting to reflect my personal style but it's still a work in progress. It needs more polish. And the kitchen, we can just leave it and it's puke colored cupboards out of the equation.

  7. Ha Ha...I never thought of that but ya...I do match my home. Crazy thought...I will start looking at myself in a whole new way! xoxox

  8. In terms of my personal style, my wardrobe is fairly simple - no bright or overly bold colours or patterns. However, as for my house, I am more willing to experiment with different things that catch my eye.