Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amber's Bridal Shower

We suprised Amber (my sister in law) with a bridal shower today at a lovely tea house. We blind-folded her all the way from her house so she had no idea where we were going... it was fabulous. I had everyone fill out the note in the first photo and read it out just before present time. It was so touching, there were quite a few tears as everyone read out their favourite memory of Amber and why her and Pete (hubby to be) are perfect for each other.

I printed them out from a template I found on 100 Layer Cake. They came out so beautiful on some Christina Re linen paper.

I am totally coveting that china also!


  1. that's so sweet, what a wonderful idea :)

  2. How lovely. I just adore that pink china set!