Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekends are for dreaming, not cleaning

Hi Friends!
Welcome to one of the dreamiest houses I've come across on one of my fave blogs younghouselove.
If there were no boys in my life (1 husband, 2 puppies), this would be my perfect house. I think if I put them all in a house like this:
a) My two pups would soon turn that cotton candy palette to more of a dalmation print
b) I'd feel like I'd be emasculating my husband.

Anyway, maybe I can convert just one room to look a little like this house... I'd definitely start with some of those light fittings in the first 2 pics!

And these chairs...

And that stool..
And those drapes...
So yes my friends, have a great weekend. I'm off to decorate a bridal shower.

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