Sunday, August 23, 2009

A room of one's own

Heather Bailey's craft space

After many years in crafting exile, too scared to go to Spotlight because the size of the place was too overwhelming... never kniting more than a couple of wonky lines of a scarf that I knew I'd never wear... sewing a couple of pairs of PJ pants that my husband wore a few times (and the drawstring becoming a chew toy for my puppies) - I'm back, trying again to be crafty!

We're currently trying to finish one of the bedrooms in our giant house reno and I know this room would make a fabulous nursery, but alas, I'm not pregnant yet. And rather than decorate for a baby that I haven't yet been blessed with (which would be bad luck anyway according to my mum), I'd rather make it a room that I can enjoy in the meantime... and maybe practicing a few things for when a little one does come along.

So I found these gorgeous rooms to get us all inspired. Get out the sewing machine, crochet hooks, knitting needles, stamps, craft cutters, ribbons, fabric, embellishments and get decorating a little space all of your own.

I'll get some pics up soon! We've just done the first coat of paint today.

Photo from PinkLovesBrown via ishandchi
Loving the pom pom trim. I could definitely find a place for that!
Photo from Nest Pretty Things via decor8
So many fabrics, so many things to learn how to sew! Bye! I'm off to practice.

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